I have suffered with eczema all my life, for some 30 of those I was prescribed steroid creams to control it and also suffered from asthma, around the age of 30, when going back …

Physical injuries and emotion

Some Initial Thoughts on The relationship between physical injuries and emotions and feelings

When we made our last house move , my son didn’t want to go and then he broke his leg, …

Back pain and Back Massage from your chair.

 So I was on the way home and stopped off at a motorway service station, as usual they were trying to sell you something on the way in and out besides the over priced coffee.

On …

Men, a close shave for Christmas.

And here I mean one with no nicks, cuts or sore spots guys…..And let me tell you you get what you pay for so if you buy a cheap razor whether blade or electric or as we will see, …

Exercise Motivation in middle age

The Motivation to Exercise

Back in 2009 I  heard about some research that suggested taking up exercise in middle age was highly beneficial in terms of health and longevity. It was …

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