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Don’t call these terrorists Isis – They are Islamic State Gangsters

Isis is the name of my daughter – help her keep it positive The picture you see of her, that and the one at the bottom of the page are pictures of Isis, then in the middle is some gangsters Its a beautiful name, one of p...
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Christmas food for thought

Christmas Recipes

Home made Christmas recipes. If you want to improve the quality of the food you eat at Christmas whilst saving money, then start here. These are  the age old Spencer family recipes handed down from generation to generation for...
by jonathan spencer


Church of England – Prayers of Intercession

So I first attended Quaker Meeting in 1982 worshipped regularly from 1991 and became a member in 1994, so I have followed the Qauker Quest for 23 years and more. Recently I also reaffirmed my faith in the tenets of The Church o...
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Jonathan Spencer About Jonathan Spencer Jonathan is in his 50s, and is as simple or complex as the next person. He has has owned and managed a healthcare business, worked in the theatre, healthcare, for charities, trade unions ...
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Accounting Software

Web development

I also have a background in Information technology, not so surprising these days and an interesting match with psychotherapy.  This mainly finds its output in the creative side of IT, in that I design and build simple but effe...
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