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Top 10 self help books to give as gifts…to others or yourself.

10 self help books So I decided to go for it and see if I could come up with a decent list of self help/therapeutic books. Below are a list of influential self help books, all of which have helped and influenced me and I think ...
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Confidence and Motivation

Confidence and Motivation At different times in our lives we can all be affected by the dual issue of confidence and self esteem. However continuing confidence issues, or low self esteem can effect your health and sense of well...
by jonathan spencer


What others think of you

It is said that what other people think about you is their problem. However what I want to discuss is how we come to understand (actually mostly guess) what other people think of us; especially when we think those thoughts are ...
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Relationship problems | Relationships and Compromise

Relationship problems Do you have relationship problems, are you struggling to understand. Perhaps you need the help and support of a counsellor. Perhaps you are wondering why isn’t persuasion one of your key skills, why ...
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Men Divorce and your (my) confidence

Ever since I seperated and got divorced i find I am emotionally and psychologically off balance. As any one who works knows colleagues can often not be the best of communicators, but I only have to get a phone call from a direc...
by jonathan spencer