February 8, 2007

Divorce, a man, and with children – the new baby

Divorce and babies

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Divorce | New partner | New Baby

So as you may know I offer counselling to people going through or coping with divorce.  I was over at the Fathers Direct web site: and I came across this blog by a guy who is expecting a baby with his partner:

So I began to think of how little I have expressed over the matter of pregnancy and childbirth, why you may ask, what has it got to do with you? Well its a situation you may find yourself in as a dicorced parent with a new partner, dealing with your  children from your 1st marriage and the perhaps new children from your new partner.

It will be interesting and can be painful as well as joyous as previous preconceptions are being cast aside, and you learn again. You may worry over the effect it will have on the children you already have, and they may certainly express their opinions on it.

However I am into the idea of empowering children and would want to encourage them to come to an understanding of a new sibling, whether and how they might like ot visits and so on.  But do not forget your new partner, to whom all of this may be new, wants some boundaries down to ensure her new family/new baby and how she may have to cope with it in regard to your first children.

There are so many different things to deal with with a new baby with a second partner, but I have introduced the subject and hope this will lead anyone going through this to think more.

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