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May 12, 2012

Counselling and Hypnotherapy | Change for the better


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for the better

Change. The very idea can be quite frightening, and also see whats possible and envision a better future.

Many people come for counselling or hypnotherapy because they are feeling one of the ‘uns”, such as unfulfilled, unhappy, uncertain. They come with a wide range of problems and issues: tension, fears, , a need to find , get motivated, to build confidence, to learn how to cope with problems of and stress, or perhaps just to learn more about themselves.

Of course right now, you may not really know what it is, can’t put words to it, or understand it.  Perhaps its just something you can’t put a finger on, can’t really put into words.You feel under pressure, and you can’t get out, you’d like to find a life less stressful, lose , go to the gym more, give up smoking, get on better with your partner, or find a partner, have more confidence, get some sleep,, sort things out, work out why this happens to you, find more meaning in your life… and the list goes on.

You can do more than just survive, tread water, put on step in front of another, you can make the right choices to take and direct your life in the way you imagine it could be. The way you would like it to be. You can change for the better.


“What We May Be: Techniques for Psychological Growth” (Piero Ferrucci)

 Going for Counselling and hypnotherapy can be one the most important steps you take. When you are lacking confidence it can help you regain it. It ‘s a step that can be taken at your lowest point or because you want to reach a higher point. Perhaps even if life is hard you can imagine  or remember yourself relaxing on a beach in the warm sun, or with a sense of fulfilment and pleasure, is lost and you could start on a path that will put you in control of rediscovering the you want.

If you do feel the need for counselling or hypnotherapy or a similar it can enable you to make changes in your life that help give you discover answers, change for the better, cope with anxiety and stress and find more meaning and purpose.

Counselling and Hypnotherapy with me will support you in the changes you want to make, enabling you to learn, grow and understand, and once you have begun counselling and hypnotherapy you will realise how much further it can bring you and how much more you will gain for yourself and those around you.

We can create our future just by the way we think and feel, and if we can change a thought we can change our lives …making change for the better.

Counselling and hypnotherapy can help you change for the better contact me today

I look forward to meeting you.

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