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Don’t call these terrorists Isis – They are Islamic State Gangsters

Isis is the name of my daughter – help her keep it positive The picture you see of her, that and the one at the bottom of the page are pictures of Isis, then in the middle is some gangsters Its a beautiful name, one of p...
by jonathan spencer


Alyson Spencer – My mother the artist (painting)

As I have mentioned before my mother died in the early part of 2014, she was an accomplished artist and my memories of her are often ones of her painting, sculpting, or creating ceramics. My home as I grew up had many of her pa...
by jonathan spencer


Charity Pay & The Charity Commission

So the chairman of the charity commission has clearly stated he thinks some are paid to much in the charity world, ( ), charity pay is all wrong. Its interesting this because its always been...
by jonathan spencer



More on Divorce and relationship difficulties

But, in the real world, marriages are made up of the little things - taking out the trash, picking up the kids from school, wiping down the shower or picking up your pants If there are frustrations over the little things, it...

by jonathan spencer

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wheres your inner child

Equality, abuse and the sexualisation of children

What have we done to our children, that they no longer are allowed to be children?  Cossetted, protected, given everything, encouraged to gow up and mature so quickly. Yet their innocence, rather than being in the majority tak...
by jonathan spencer