Jonathan Spencer
Let The beauty of what you love be what you do.




When you need Counselling – a new direction

Counselling – a new direction If you are searching for something, feel a need for support; there is a way that can speak to your conditon. It is simple, honest, holistic and with a caring outlook. It doesn’t have to...
by jonathan spencer


Need help with anxiety and stress? | Problems I can help with….

Anxiety and Stress anxiety and stress | the devil is in the detail Anxiety and stress can be difficult for you to cope with without support and often go together with other problems.  I also thought you might want to know abou...
by jonathan spencer


Confidentiality in Counselling

Confidentiality in Counselling and Hypnotherapy Confidentiality in Counselling – General Confidentiality in counselling means that you can speak with me knowing that your friends, your family,people at work don’t ge...
by jonathan spencer