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May 29, 2005

No Future for Free software? Big business crushes Freeware


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Software patents threaten the very future of free software applications – many may be forced to stop and go out of existence because of “patent violations”

The European commission has just passed its directive on software
patents, violating democratic rules and procedures to the sole
of big non-European corporation and Ireland and to the
detriment of small and medium sized businesses (which comprise 99%
of the European software industry) and free software.
The European will now be taking the last stand against
software patents in a voting for which an absolute is
needed. Such a is hard to come by in a parliament with a
low attendance level.
But not all is lost yet as as you decide it is
to make a and take . This is our last opportunity
to fend off software patents worldwide, there will be no second chance
for the foreseeable future. Contact your local representatives and
educate them why software patents are bad and why they
must attend that parliament session to vote against
them. For in-depth and starting points to get active visit
software patent page of the FFII
(Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure)

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