What Is suggestion

What Is suggestion


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| What is it?

Suggestion is a of , it may be used by a hypnotist  or once a subject/ is in a hypnotic . Suggestions can be used both in and out of hypnosis.

It differs from the state of hypnosis,  because that is is a physical and mental state, that can be identified by particular physical, mental and neurological signs, such as slower breathing,  slowed rate,  suggestibility, and alpha brainwave patterns and because suggestion is a form of communication rather than a state of being.

Suggestion may be used by a hypnotist  or hypnotherapist once a subject/client is in a hypnotic state. Suggestions can be used both in and out of hypnosis.

Suggestion is not only within the remit of hypnosis. It can be found everywhere, but is used a great deal in advertising and promotion.  The that you might read more about hypnosis here, is a suggestion.  As is:  whatever you do, do not think about .

Probably having its foundation in early life and childhood, the conscious Critical faculty (CCF) is a process that lies between the conscious and unconscious acting as a guardian.

It constantly monitors all input from our senses only allows in those suggestions which “match” experiences thus far. Should a suggestion come along which does not match and which attempts to replace the matched suggestion, the CCF, like a one-way valve, will not let the old suggestion out therefore the new one cannot get in. This is why if an individual has understood from being continually told they are stupid, there will be a rejection of information to the contrary, or by opposites if she thinks herself clever. In hypnotherapy it is important to bypass the CCF in order to introduce a positive suggestion that would otherwise be blocked.

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