Allergy, food intolerance and chickpeas (garbanzo beans)

Allergy, food intolerance and chickpeas (garbanzo beans)


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Food Intolerance 

In some ways this is a long story and in others short…one year in Greece I had an upset stomach for a few days, mostly feeling incredibly bloated and heavy and need ing to go to the lavatory , so nothing unusual there for many travellers  (sorry if this is too much as they say). However I noticed these same symptoms, and worse when I got , and it was always when i ate houmous, the Greek mashed , sesame, garlic and lemon juice. Well I checked on the net for , but the descriptions of most people as an allergy did not fit my at all.  Now I know if you don't cook dried pulses properly they exude a toxin and this can cause vomitting and diarrhoea, but it couldn't be every time I ate houmous it was undercooked.

"Solve Your Food Intolerance"

"Hidden Food Allergies"

Well, its becoming more common and is the most common source of food intolerance and allergy in india. It is less usual in so call 1st world countries. Where the common cause is peanuts….note they are both legumes. I understand this problem occurs when the body reacts to the proteins in certain things and sends antibodies to disrupt these proteins. It is suspected that humans immune systems are being altered in the so called 1st world by eradicating diseases and keeping bacterially sparse environments (in other words they are too clean). The absence of threats in the immune system’s natural environment may lead it to do strange things, like develop adverse reactions to ordinary foods. I have found my reaction has spread to peanuts…its just enough to give me belly ache if I eat peanut butter, but green beans and peas are fine at the moment.

I remember a good friend who told me he thought many of the problems surrounding foods such as peanuts or nut allergies was the way they were processed to get them out of their shell.  Usually a softening chemical process. Rather than the natural cracking way we would do it if we have a few to eat. The one thing I have found that has helped with food intolerance and seems to with things like IBS is .  


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