A quiet hairdryer

A quiet hairdryer


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I work at (wah)on a Wednesday, oh yes I know all the jokes, but I really do and I am more productive because of it.  I am more productive not just on that day at but also when I get to my place of work.

On a normal day I am up at 6 o’clock but on my wah day I always get a lie in and can get up an or two later than usual.  I freely admit my is very important to me, in fact I split p with a girlfriend one because I just couldn’t in her apartment.  If I dont get enough then I become both bad tempered and addle brained.  Without a good 40 hours per 5 nights running, my mind will just not work properly. In this I do not have to have 8 hours each night, I could have 2 hours one night and 14 hours the next and that would be fine.  I expect you see where I am heading …those few extra hours on a wednesday help me put my sleep balance in credit.

And here lies the rub, my partner washes, drys and straightens her hair most mornings, as she prepares for work; she uses a TIGI pro hairdryer, its beauty.  However if you have ever been at an air show where they have a demonstration of a jump jet, then you will understand the level and power of the noise the hair dryer makes.  She tells me just to put my head back under the covers, let me tell you it doesn’t work and for all those sleeping under flightpaths I sympathise.

So I began to search for quiet hairdryer solutions and this is what I came up with…

ceramic ionic hair dryers are the quietist hair dryers and they don’t damage the hair as much, like this Paul Anthony

“Paul Anthony Professional 2000W Ionic Hairdryer H372″ (Lloytron)

but here are A range of quiet hairdryers

and thisthe original articlem about loud hair dryers


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