Those teenage years

Those teenage years


These days the culture is directed very much at youth and youthfulness, and I often hear people exclaiming a desire to go to some halcyon days of youth their teens and early twenties, but would you really

Yes you were young and a cut healed in seconds, but what of spots and teenage angst, the loneliness…or was that just me, were you surrounded by eager faces all wanting a date, captain of the team or ‘good at games’ whilst now your appear humdrum. Or perhaps now is as exciting as it was then, so this article is not for you, as you have it all.

In a by Gil Scott Heron, he says “everyone wants to go back, even if it sonly as far as last week”. why I don’t know we can spend too much time wishing for an imagined past or yearning for a non-existent future and we miss .

For me the teenage years were a of good and bad, of happiness and loneliness, not much different to now, but what I want is to enjoy today, learn from and plan for the future, as I have said before the best way to predict the future is to start creating it now.

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