Away on the North East Coast

Away on the North East Coast


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Filey in North Yorkshire is an amazing place, My Grandma lived there and my Mother lives there now, I often take my children to visit her and it is a step in time to a simpler way, people are friendly, food is cheaper and the roads are clear.

It brought back memories of my own and , of the excitement of going there as a , of putting money in the slot machines, playing on the beach or hunting for fossils amongst the piles of stones, or crabs in the rock pools. whippy ice cream with a flake and and chips in the . a visit to flamborough head lighthouse and a trip to Scarborugh or Bridlington.

The trouble is now half the population thinks it has a sophisticated palette, and THE ONLY PLACE TO GO IS TUSCANY and want tarrogon mayonaisse on their chips!

Anyhow the weather was lovely and the countryside beautiful and thats saying somehting for Yorkshire in October

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