Peter Falconio, Joanna Lees and the Murdoch Trial


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    So much has been written about this on the net, and reported from the trial, I am interested because Joanna comes from which is near me.

    Much has been made of the suspicious circumstances, her unconvincing TV and the sense of people have the the does not hang together.

    I have a of questions and some answers…

    Firstly if we take a sherlock holmes point of view, is there any corroborated proof that was actually at the crime scene?

    Police believe Falconio, 28, was shot dead almost immediately after he got out of the campervan after being flagged down by Murdoch. His has never been found but the amount of blood at the scene was taken by police as testament to his death.

    Murdoch appears to have been at the scene (there is evidence…a smudge of blood on the shirt Lees was wearing matched Murdoch’s. samples on the makeshift handcuffs that Lees was bound with also were a match for Murdoch’s — as was a sample taken from the VW Kombi’s gear lever. )

    Why was Murdoch and at the crime scene, ask yourself if you would stop in the middle of the outback if someone tried to wave you down, (have you seen all those films Texas chainsaw massacre included).

    Murdoch admits he was running across australia, unless you were to meet someone you would keep well away from anyone that could inform on you.

    A body or the body of Peter Falconio in this murder trail, has never been found

    Two witnesses have told an Australian court they saw British tourist more than a week after he is believed to have been killed.

    The couple were giving evidence at the committal hearing of Bradley Murdoch, accused of shooting on a remote highway near Alice Springs.

    The pair insisted a they served at a petrol station in Burke in July 2001 was the backpacker from West Yorkshire.

    It is at least a day’s drive from where Mr Falconio is thought to have died.

    ••Robert Brown, who is now a teacher’s assistant, told the court in Darwin that he had absolutely no doubt a man he served on 22 July was Mr Falconio.

    The magistrate heard that he recognised the 28-year-old Briton from pictures in newspapers.


    If it was not him, it must have been his twin, Mr Brown said.

    His partner, Melissa Kendall, who now works as a clerk at the local court in Burke, was asked if the man who bought a drink and a bar was

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